June 14, 2017
Avatar Flight of Passage

Pandora – The World of Avatar Banshee Giveaway

Pandora – The World of Avatar Banshee Giveaway Walt Disney World Resort Blockbuster Summer Everyone loves giveaways, including me, and this summer if you are a Disney fan, there’s no better giveaway than the much sought after banshee! You can imagine my excitement about the opportunity to join a few […]
February 8, 2017
Hot Cinnamon Apple Cider Toddy

Warm Up with this Hot Cinnamon Apple Cider Toddy

The Hot Cinnamon Apple Cider Toddy is a twist on the classic Hot Toddy. With the warm scent of cinnamon, apple, orange and maple syrup, this is the perfect cocktail to curl up with on a cold winter night. What’s better is it is extremely easy to make. Warm some […]
February 6, 2017
Maple Peach Bourbon Glazed Meatballs

Maple Peach Bourbon Glazed Meatballs: An Easy Dinner, Hands-Off Party Snack, or Anytime Appetizer.

Last week when I was planning for Super Bowl snacks I decided to make meatballs in the crock pot. But I didn’t want to bring the every day expected meatballs to the family Super Bowl party. Instead I set out to up the playing field and create a party snack […]
January 6, 2017
Slow Cooker Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Tortilla Soup

Slow Cooker Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Tortilla Soup

This hearty soup is perfect for those cold winter nights when you’d rather be curled up under a blanket with a warm bowl of soup than spending time cooking in the kitchen. Throw the ingredients in the slow cooker early in the day and later that evening you have a […]
December 20, 2016
No Ordinary Hostess Gift Giveaway

Enter to Win a No Ordinary Card Hostess Gift!

We’re giving away the perfect hostess gift for all this season’s holiday parties! The winner will receive three Hallmark Signature Cards, three “Ugly Sweater” wine bottle covers and a box of Art Eatables bourbon truffles by Friday, December 23rd, just in time to spread holiday cheer this Christmas weekend! These […]
May 25, 2016
Summer Bucket List

Create a Family Summer Bucket List and Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer for our family officially began 5 days ago at noon on Friday, May 20th. With no snow days to make up this year we have one of the longest summers I can remember. A total of 84 lazy summer days will give our family plenty of time to enjoy […]
May 19, 2016

Cousin Ann’s Traditional Meat Loaf, 50’s Prime Time Cafe

Cousin Ann's Traditional Meat Loaf, 50's Prime Time Cafe 12345 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Recreate this delicious meat loaf from the 50's Prime Time Cafe at home. Servings Prep Time 4-6 25 minutes Cook Time 1 1/2 hours Servings Prep Time 4-6 25 minutes […]
May 13, 2016
Peanut and Tree Nut Free Kentucky Chocolate Pie Bars

Allergy-Friendly Kentucky Chocolate Pie Bars

This past weekend we hosted friends for their first Kentucky Derby here in Louisville, Kentucky. For most people, the first Saturday in May is just any other weekend, but to those of us who live in Kentucky, Derby Day is a national holiday taken VERY seriously. So seriously that schools […]
May 13, 2016

Allergy-Friendly Kentucky Chocolate Pie

Allergy-Friendly Kentucky Chocolate Pie 12345 Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Print Recipe Allergy-Friendly Kentucky Chocolate Pie Bars, using roasted sunflower seeds for a peanut free and tree nut free dessert. CourseDessert CuisineDessert Servings Prep Time 24 bars 25 mins Cook Time 30-45 mins (depending on pan used) […]